About the Club

“The purpose of the North Texas Flying Club is to cultivate camaraderie among aviators, extol the joy of flight, and to promote safety through enlightenment and education.”

The North Texas Flying Club (NTFC) is a quickly growing group of men and women who have found themselves caught up in the thrilling realm of aviation. We have come together to enjoy the personal satisfaction of learning new skills, mastering skills already acquired, and making friends who share our love of all things that fly. Naturally, the availability of airplanes and instructors is a part of that. With activities and special events aimed at bringing club members and the public together in aeronautical settings, the NTFC is dedicated to providing high quality aircraft to our members at affordable rates. Currently the NTFC fleet consists of nine aircraft – one Cessna C120, two Cessna 152s, a Piper Warrior II, and a Piper Arrow IV. Eventually (as the membership requires) we hope to see examples from every class / category (twin, taildragger, seaplane, aerobatic, helicopter, etc.).

Among the members of the NTFC are some highly qualified and experienced Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs); men and women who teach because they love to, most with total flight times ranging from 4000+ hours to over 15,000 hours. They are aviators who have flown and taught in such a wide variety of aircraft that most of us can only dream of having such experience reflected in our logbooks. But that’s why we fly, isn’t it…to chase our lifelong dream of flight.

We fly out of the Collin County Regional Airport at McKinney (TKI) where you’ll find a modern terminal facility and a friendly staff. You’ll also find a truly helpful Tower crew, a really long runway (for our purposes) with several instrument approaches, and best of all…. no waiting on the taxiway!

An interesting feature of the NTFC is the extensive use we make of the internet. All aircraft scheduling is done at this website, and all membership billing detail is reported here (under personal password protection).

The NTFC is organized as a regular C Corporation run by an executive committee consisting of a President, Vice-President of Marketing, and Vice-President of Training and Safety. Members support the NTFC financially in three ways – rental fees, monthly dues, and initiation fees. Each member is billed automatically via credit card, and is able to check his/her account detail at this website.

We invite you to join us; fly with us; grow with us in knowledge and skill, and come to know a terrific and diverse group of people in the process. We meet informally the morning of the third Saturday of each month in the terminal building of Collin County Regional Airport. We hope to see you there — or if you just can’t wait, (and why should you?) call or e-mail Garry Ackerman and we’ll put you in touch with a CFI who can meet you for a check-flight or demo flight. The North Texas Flying Club — the sky’s no limit…